1974-1978            The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art,  New York City, Bachelor of Fine Art, Honours


1992-2007            Founder & Director, & Tutor, Moray Art Studio, Scotland

1997-Present        Founder & Director, & Tutor, Moray Art Centre, Scotland

1995-2000            Academic Programme Advisor and Adjunct Professor of Fine Art -Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A

Art Professional

1978-Present         Graphic/Motion Designer

Solo Exhibitions

9/2017                    Comunità di Etica Vivente, Città della Pieve, Umbria

5/2017                    Galleria Linea Spazio Arte Contemporanea, Florence

6/2016                    Newave Gallery, Aberdeen, Scotland

2/2013                    Pulchri Studio, The Hague, Netherlands

10/2010                  Moray Art Centre, Scotland

9/2008                   Kyoto City International Centre, Japan

10/2007                  Galleria La Torre, Milan, Italy

7/2006                    Santa Marta, Varenna, Italy

6/2004                    Galeria Spazioarte, Perugia, Italy

9/2002                    Duff House, Banff, Scotland

9/1999                      Kunst Zentrum Buz, Minden, Germany

8/1998                      Maclaurin Art Gallery, Ayr, Scotland

10/1997                     Crawford Art Centre, St. Andrews, Scotland

5/1995                      Galleria Spazioarte, Perugia, Italy

3/1995                       Il Palazzo dei Priori (National Gallery of Umbria), Perugia, Italy

Group Exhibitions

10/2017                      The Florence Biennale, Florence

1/2017                        Galleria Farini/Palazzo Fantuzzi, “Arte e Palazzo”, part of ArteFiera Bologna, Bologna

11/2016                       Galleria Farini/Palazzo Fantuzzi, “Arte e Palazzo”, Bologna

8/2016                       John Davies Gallery, Moreton in Marsh, UK


Dr Andrew Burnett, CBE, ex-Deputy Director, The British Museum (Professional)

Sir John Leighton, Director General, The National Galleries of Scotland (Professional)

Lady Maureen McGinn, Chair, Big Lottery Scotland (Professional)

Duncan Macmillan (Professional)

The Earl of Moray (Personal)

Barclay Price, ex-Board, Creative Scotland, ex-Arts & Business Scotland (Professional)

Professor Dore Ashton, Art Historian & critic, (former Senior Art Critic -The New York Times),The Cooper Union, Cooper Square, N.Y.C. 10003(Artistic)

Signora Antonietta Rovieri, Director - Tre Archi Contemporanea Associazione Culturale, Via Marconi 15, Perugia, Italy(Artistic)

Ingrid Hutton, Ingrid Hutton Gallery, 41 E 57th St # 308, the New York, the New York 10022, USA(Artistic)

Work as a Curator

In curating exhibitions, I have worked with:

-       Sir John Leighton, Dir. Gen. National Galleries of Scotland (we are currently working on a project together)

-       Neil MacGregor, ex-Dir. The British Museum

-       Andrew Burnett, ex-Deputy Dir. The British Museum

-       Ian Jenkins, Senior Curator, Greece & Rome, The British Museum

-       Alison Wright, Renaissance Art Historian, University College London

-       Ernst van Vegelin, Dir. The Courtauld Gallery

Excerpts From Reviews



  “The hand acts out a lesson in style, the pencil flows on the paper, isolates and defines, becomes thicker forming oases, frames the light, dictates the perspective. The drawings of Randy Klinger are not mere exercises, they are the demonstration of undeniable nerve, the signature of an artist who wants to show the scope and depth he has reached in his studies. The exhibition is dedicated to a series of drawings of impeccable formal weight, faces magnified by the sparing incision of hand, softened by sfumato, exulted by the energy which springs forth uncontained, punctuated by elements which add themselves to the overall structure: arms, parts of bodies, geometric definitions of volume. An unusual and refined aesthetic encounter in which Klinger shows himself to be an artist who makes no compromises and, with a love of inner analysis, poetic, yet never academic. He is  an author of rich expression, this American who is a citizen of the world and lives in Scotland.”

Dottore Mimmo Coletti, La Nazione

“This gentle man has produced some gentle drawings; what they may lack slightly in depth of tone they make up for in scrutinising detail. Each portrait displays a sitter at rest it seems, contemplative in mood but relaxed in pose. I sit back in one of the lounge chairs, flick through the pages of a nearby book and find myself mirroring these nearly perfect pencil images.”

Georgina Coburn, Art Critic, Northings/HI~Arts